Best Shoes for Badminton

To start with, Badminton is a game wherein it is mostly played indoor and nowadays you never find players playing outdoor as weather conditions might abstract the play, there are very much comfortable to play indoor. Badminton is game of stamina and endurance, and needs at most dedication and concentration while you are playing. Since, it the play area is made of wood, you should opt for a best branded shoes. Niveia is one of best shoes badminton i reckon and it totally depends upon the players movement in the box:

Why is shoe important in badminton? 

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The answer seems to be very simple, without shoes you can never play with a feel. As a player you need to have good pair of shoes. As you will be playing in the wooden court, you will be stressing on your feets and tighs. You might even injure yourself if you’re playing without shoes. There are specially made shoes, which is totally recommended to be played indoor only. The price range might start from INR 5000 to buy a best branded shoes.

There are two types of courts namely wooden and synthetic courts. Synthetic courts are usually peaceful when you compare it with wooden courts. You can even play without shoes on synthetic courts but never on wooden courts as it is not at all recommended.

The sole of these shoes are made of camel’s skin and are extremely soft and makes very comfortable to play in the court. The international hand crafted shoes are very light and doesn’t feel heavy at all while you are playing. Even though they are light, it is the matter of the player on how he utilizes it. PV Sindhu is the only indian who has won the grand slam. She has put in lot of efforts to be in that position but to the point that dedication and commitment is the key to success. We as an individuals have to support such games in India as we only follow cricket as a primary sport in our country, other sports are not given importance at all. Coming to the point that to be a perfect sportsman, you should ensure that you have the right accessories even though you might spend more, it is important.

We hope this answers most of your doubts regarding the best shoes badminton. Just in case you have any further questions, you can always ask us in the comments section

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